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One easy-to-integrate platform that delivers multiple AI capabilities and fast returns

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What does our platform do?

Unlike an off-the-shelf solution that does an ‘adequate’ job, our platform is designed to enable the creation of bespoke intelligent automation solutions that perfectly meet your needs and deliver seriously impressive results.

Used successfully around the globe for its flexibility and easy integration, it provides multiple artificial intelligence capabilities in one unified platform. These include:

Digital Decisioning

Automates business decisions consistently & at scale

Smart Workflow

Adapts a sequence of business tasks to achieve an end-result in a non-linear process

Machine Learning

Generates explainable predictions from data to enhance decisions


Extracts & classifies meaningful information from documents, speech & data

Virtual Agent

Prompts human input & obtains information or decisions

Why Us?

We’ve spent the last two decades delivering automation projects and learning what’s important to our clients. We used that knowledge to develop a multi-faceted platform that simplifies and speeds up implementation, giving our clients the results and returns they’re looking for more quickly than ever before.

Better knowledge capture

Modelling that captures the human thinking process in a user-friendly way

Five AI capabilities in one

Five complementary AI capabilities for streamlined automation

Simple set-up

Easy integration, low cost of ownership, instant deployment, & no hardware requirement


Fast returns

Automate in weeks and see a return on investment within a year

Featured Customers

From globals to start-ups we're helping companies retain expertise & increase business efficiency. Here are a few of our success stories.

What can it be used for?

Thousands of man-hours were spent by our software architect and experienced coders to create and perfect a platform that would allow organisations to build their own, unique artificial intelligence-powered solution.

It has been designed to be totally flexible and can be used in almost any organisation and situation which has subject-matter experts making complex decisions on a repetitive basis.

The platform does this by guiding the subject-matter expert through all of the different factors involved in making a complex decision, and turns their knowledge into a bespoke automated operating process which is augmented via a combination of five artificial intelligence capabilities. Each time the platform emulates the process and makes a decision, the accuracy of the decision-making is increased.

Some examples of how it could be used are listed below, but the possibilities are endless

Financial services

Loan/credit applications, compliance


Claims, fraud investigations, underwriting


Document review, due diligence

Real estate

Planning, property specifications & listing, facilities management

Public sector

Benefit application handling, service requests, procurement


Process optimisation, predictive maintenance, condition monitoring

Telecoms, media & tech

Diagnostics & troubleshooting


Shipment management, planning & ordering


Franchise management, customer service


Referrals, personnel management

Life sciences

Monitoring regulatory operations


Customer support, supply management

Why automate using XpertRule?

Productivity boost

We automate critical real-time decision-making across your value-chain which reduces production downtime, manual labour & reliance on costly, inconsistent human interventions

Created by Stefan Parnarov from the Noun Project

Improved customer experience

Our 'virtual agent' can request information from customers & employees through multiple channels, using intelligent skills to improve service, customer retention & workforce effectiveness

Happier Staff

Our platform clones subject matter experts' thought processes & turns it into a business asset which can be replicated at scale, shared, & continuously improved. This takes pressure off decision-makers & admin staff

On-going compliance

Once a process has been created, our platform can easily be easily updated in line with changes in guidance/legislation. Any changes are instantly applied to your business processes, issues flagged up & reporting on regulatory compliance commenced

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